Cora Hays-Magan

An enthusiastic coder

CTA Bus Ridership October 2012

CTA Bus Ridership October 2012 sources the data from the City of Chicago Data Portal. Using Rails, the Google Map API, d3.js library and jQuery, I build a single page application to display data from the portal in different ways.

Pesky Dumpster

A Rails application, this is a prototype application built for a start-up in Chicago. Functionality and proof of concept are the focus, as well as flushing out the business model.


IVoted is a one-stop-shop for voters to get the information they need to register, get to the polls, and select candidates. This app is designed to organize relevant voting information from across the web for voters.

This mobile-first web app is built in Rails using Foundation and scoured the web to pull together disparate sources of data to present each user with the information they need, the app presents data to the user in the form of a simple, user-friendly report.


Fedup(load) is a responsive form writting in JavaScript for food banks to screen donations. The form asks questions and evaluates the responses before displaying further questions or processing the response. I collaborated on the project with Nicole Lopez, she started the project at a hackethon and invited me to join. We paired both remotely and in person to complete the project.

Conway's Game of Life

Conway's Game of Life is a zero-player game where the initial setup of the game requires no further input once started. The game creates a board with live and dead cells. The cells abide by a set of rules based on the status of their neighbors. I completed the game in Javascript by myself.