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Numbers and Steps (and a Video Too)

Diversity in Tech

August 23, 2015

The issue of needing more diversity in tech comes up time and time again. This is what tends to happen when a problem is identified and not fixed (like missing a semicolon when coding JavaScript). This problem is cascading, the lack of diversity causes the tech world to be less friendly, inviting, comfortable and accessible to anyone not a white man.

How prevalent?

At Apple, 54% are white and 69% are males. A year after releasing their demographics, Google provided an update, 70% of the jobs at Google were held by men and 60% of the workforce was white (with 31% Asian). It's pretty blatant when looking at the numbers.

What to do about it?

Sara Mei wrote a blog post about how tech companies can solve their problem. In the article she lists a number of step:

  1. Build up a network of diverse developers, particularly at the mid- and senior levels
  2. Partner with a local code school
  3. Hire two code school grads
  4. Start looking for mid/senior folks in earnest.

If you need more help (after you read her article), then watch the Facebook Training on Managing Unconscious Bias. It's their staff training on dealing with issues in the workplace which end up causing the drastic homogeneous problem present in tech.