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A Random Grower

Growers grow, Fixed doesn't, and I am always Random

August 16, 2015

Researching on grown, fixed, and Gregorc Thinking Style, I took a personal thinking styles evalutation to find I am Random, really just random. There are two perceptual qualities, Concrete and Abstract, and I'm even with them. Abstract Random and Concrete Random came in even in scoring with nothing else even close.





What does Random mean? It means I grasp concepts and learning in chunks, not sequentially. Nice!

I find it beneficial to pick up what I could and fill in the gaps later. Life can't always provide order, which means I can roll with it well. It also means I might pick the impulse over the planned. In my head, this all makes for a better holiday.

Not everything about either ordering system can be perfect, which is why I like to embrace mine with happiness. It rocks! I pick up learning as it comes and piece the ideas together. The unplanned works for me which also means the planned can too (just not always my natural choice)

I found the telling part to be my equal match between being Concrete and Abstract thinker. This means I handle both the practical and laid out on the table and the underlining message not written on the note. Flexibility helps in all different situations, and I'm sure at some points I focus more on the concrete (what's there) or more on the abstract (what's the implications).

Fixed versus growth mindset describes two distinctly different philosophies on learning potential people have. People who adhere to a fixed mindset, believe their abilities are static and cannot be changed. These are the people who avoid new challenges, feel threatened by criticism and the success of others, and don't believe in putting in effort to new skills. A growth mindset requires more effort and isn't the easiest route; it also produces higher achievement. People in a growth mindset believe with effort, feedback, and taking responsibility for their learning, they can learn and achieve new things.

My random quality helped me be more of a growth mindset, believing I can always learn and do more. Since I get chunks without sequential order naturally, if I learn about injecting dependencies without having written a method in Ruby I'm OK. I know the middle ground between those steps will fill in eventually.